Curriculum Vitae Michail D. Tsakanikos MD, PhD.

Since March 2017 I have been the Director of the EUROCLINIC Children’s ENT Clinic. Before that, and since 1986, I had been the Director of the ENT clinic of the the children’s hospital “P & A Kyriakou”. I have been also collaborating with IASO and METERA hospitals (executing exclusive contracts).

I have a rich and longlasting surgical experience in the treatment of children’s ENT clinical cases.

Surgical Experience

My surgical experience covers a wide range of common and more specialized operations such as adenoidectomy,tonsillectomy,tonsilotomy,neck cysts surgery,bronchoscopies -tracheal foreign bodies removal -, ear surgeries for acute -complicated cases and chronic cases (tympanoplasties and cholosteatoma surgeries)

I’m also highly experienced in endoscopies of newborns and infants and endoscopic procedures of larynx and trachea (supraglottoplasty,subglotic cysts removal etc)


  • PhD from Athens University (1993)
  • Specialisation in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery (1982-1986)
  • Doctor of Medicine - University of Athens (1979)

Working Experience

  • Head of ENT, Euroclinic Children's Hospital
  • Head of Pediatric ENT Dept. ‘A.Kyriakou’ Children’s Hospital of Athens (2008-2017)
  • Consultant Pediatric ENT Dept.‘A.Kyriakou’ Children’s Hospital of Athens (1986-2008)
  • Resident, ENT Dep.t of Ippokration University Hospital (1984-1986)
  • Resident, Pediatric ENT Dept. ‘A.Kyriakou’ Children’s Hospital of Athens (1982-1984)
  • Resident,General Surgery (1981-1982)
  • Medical Practitioner (12 months)
  • Armed Forces National Service as Reserve Medical Officer (1 yr)

Training Experience

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Chilrdren. (Dept.of Paediatric Otolaryngology) London - England ( 5 months in 2005)
  • 5 Workshops on EAR surgery and Cochlear Implants in ENT Dept University of Wuertzburg Germany
  • 2 Workshops on Cochlear Implants in ENT Dept University of Insbruk Austria
  • 1 Workshop on Cochlear Implants in ENT Dept University of Zurich Switzerland
  • Surgical training at the Unfallkrankenhaus ,Berlin,Germany
  • CI Surgical Foundation Course Mechelen,Belgium
  • Workshop on BOT (Bone Obliteration Tympanoplasty) Antwerp Belgium

I took part in a great number of workshops and seminars:

1.3rd International Symposium on Cochlear Mechanisms and Otoacoustic Emissions


   Rome 4-5-6.12.92

2.Advanced Temporal Bone Lab Course.

   ENT Dept. University Clinic.Wurtzburg,Germany.December 10-11,1999.

3.Special Course on Middle Ear Surgery and Cochlear Implants

ENT –Department University Clinic Wurzburg Germany.May 7-11,2000.

4.Cochlear Implant Workshop

   Department of Otolaryngology Head &Neck Surgery University Hospital

   Zurich,Switzerland.November 30-December 2,2000.

5.7th International Course on Microsurgery of the Ear.

   ENT –Department University Clinic Wurzburg Germany.April 23-25,2001

6. 5th Innsbruck Course on Middle Ear Surgery and Cochlear Implants.

    O+R+L Clinic University of Innsbruck, Austria.28.11 - 01.12.2001

7.Technical Training Program to the handling of the COMBI-40 and the COMBI 40+

     Cohlear Implants.

     Medel Company

     Insbruck,Austria ,December 2001.

8.GN ReSound course

     ‘’State of the Art of Middle Ear and Lateral Skull Base Microsurgery’’

     Athens ,5th October 2002

9.Hearing Loss 2003

     Evaluation,Medical and Surgical Treatment

      Athens,28-31 August 2003

10.Controversial Surgical techniques in Tympanoplasty

     Course of the scientific Programme of the 5th EUFOS Congress 2004

      Rodos –Kos Hellas, September 11-16,2004

11.The British Paediatric Otolaryngology Course

     Glasgow UK,17th&18th March 2005

12.Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children Europe 2005

     London UK,13-14 May 2005

13.British Paediatric Otolaryngology Course

     London UK,16-17 March 2006

14.Cochlear Implants 2006 – The State of the Art

      Nottingham UK,2 Nov. 2006

15.6th Wullstein Symposium. (Ear Implantable Devices - Temporal Bone Course)

      Wurzburg Germany,7-10 December 2006

16.EAS Electric Acoustic Stimulation Hearing Preservation

     Surgical Workshop

     13th -15th June 2013.UZA Universitair Ziekenhuis .Antwerpen ,Belgium

17.Surgical Training at The Unfallkrankenhaus.

     8th-9th of October 2013.Berlin,Germany

Educational Experience

  • Trainer in several ENT courses 
  • Organizer of 3 Greek-European Courses
  • Organizing scientific committee of 25 European and World Congresses
  • Participant in PhD research of 9 candidates
  • Participant in 10 Research projects
  • Trainer in residents and students of Medical School of Athens University

Publications Congresses

  • Coordinator in 49 Greek Congresses
  • Coordinator in 25 International-European Congresses and Courses
  • Presentations in 26 Greek Congresses
  • Presentations in 20 International Congresses
  • 45 Publications in International Congresses 
  • 115 publications in Greek Congresses 
  • 40 Publications in Greek Medical Journals
  • 15 Publications in International Journals
    Chapter 5.Epidimiology of hereditary hearing impairment in     
    childhood-preliminary estimates from the European Union. 
    Edited by D.Stephens,A.Read and A.Martini
    Whurr Publihers,London 1998.
  • Author in 3 Greek books of AUDIOLOGY and OTORINOLARYNGOLOGY
  • Presentation at ESPO 2018 Stockholm
  • 20th Panhellenic ORL congress

Membership - Professional Societies

  • ESPO (European Society Pediatric ORL) Member
  • Hellenic ENT, Head and Neck Surgery Society.
  • Greek Association of ENT Allergiology and Immunology.
  • Hellenic Society of Sleep Disorders
  • Hellenic Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology 
  • European Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • The Mediterranian Society of Otology and Audiology


  • Greek
  • English


Pediatric ENT diseases

Pediatric Audiology & Neonatal hearing screening

Pediatric Ear-surgery including cochlear implants

Pediatric Oral - Surgery

Pediatric Neck-surgery

Airway Endoscopy and endoscopic surgery in neonates and children

Salivary glands surgery


Adenoidectomy (traditional,RF,Shaver)

Tonsilectomy-Tonsilotomy (Traditional,RF,Shaver,Complation)

Tongue tie incision

Ranulla excision 

Partial glosectomy


Supraglotoplasty of larynx (laryngomalacia)

Cysts of larynx (removal)

Cricoid split

Pediatric tracheotomy

Neck cysts and sinuses excision

Lymphnodes biopsy

Thyroglosal cyst excision

Cystic hygroma excision

Salivary glands surgery

Ear surgery

   Accesory auricles excision

   Prominent ears correction

   Myringotomy and tube insertion


Cholosteatoma surgery in children (ICW,CWD) 

Extracurricular activities:

In addition to my medical engagement, I deal with viticulture and sports (running, cycling etc).

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